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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses With Shippee Family Eye Care

Modern contact lenses offer tremendous convenience -- but not every kind of contact lens is equally suitable for every need. If you have trouble with eye irritation due to your current contact lenses or you're finding it too troublesome to keep them clean, you might be a prime candidate for daily disposable contact lenses. We're more than happy to provide you with such lenses here at Shippee Family Eye Care.

woman wearing daily disposable contact lenses

What Are Daily Disposable Lenses?

It's important to clarify exactly what we mean by "daily disposable lenses." To some people, the idea of daily lenses simply means lenses that are worn during the day and then removed at night. On the other hand, disposable lenses may be lenses that are thrown away, but only after several days/nights in a row (if they're designed for extended wear). Daily disposable lenses are lenses that are worn only once and then thrown away, with a fresh pair taking their place the next day.

Benefits of Daily Disposable Lenses

Why might you benefit from the use of daily disposable lenses? For one thing, some people's eyes are extremely sensitive to even a few stray particles of dust, protein debris, or allergens. For these individuals, no amount of cleaning and care can provide genuine comfort. For others, the daily ritual of cleaning and sterile storage is simply too much of a hassle. If you use extended-wear contacts, you may find it too confusing to remember when you're supposed to remove and sterilize them, or you may have no time to do so during your busy day.

Daily disposable lenses do away with these complications. Since you never have to put them in more than once, you never have to clean them or worry about storing them. Since they're one-day lenses, the replacement schedule is obvious and simple. Since they don't remain in your eyes more than a day, they can't accumulate many allergens or other irritants.

Differences Between Various Contact Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are just as reliable at correcting mild, uncomplicated refractive errors as other kinds of single-vision soft contacts. They also cost about the same. It's worth noting, however, that daily disposables will not be ideal for correcting stronger prescriptions or complex issues such as astigmatism or presbyopia. If you need that degree of vision correction, you might get better results with re-usable gas permeable contacts.

Do You Need Contact Lenses? Contact Shippee Family Eye Care Today!

Our optometry center can help you decide whether daily disposable contacts are right for you. Call any of our locations for a contact lens exam!

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