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Shippee Family Eye Care Is Your Preferred Optometrist in Lancaster, St. Johnsbury and Montpelier

If you are looking for an optometrist serving families from Lancaster, St. Johnsbury and the greater Montpelier region and beyond, you’ve come to the right place! Shippee Family Eye Care has a reputation for providing the highest level of optometry services and we are looking forward to taking care of your family too.

The Importance of Regular Eye Examinations

Each member of your family will have different eye care issues and requirements for preserving ocular health. It’s important to make appointments so each of you can come in for tests. 

Growing children may require corrective lenses between one school year and the next, for example. Older members of the family may have special issues, such as the need for bifocals or for ongoing screening for cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma and other vision-related ailments.

If you cannot recall the last time anyone in your family came in for an appointment to sit in the optometrist’s examination chair, now would be the perfect time to arrange appointments for optometry service. A child’s first eye exam should occur at around 6 months, so if you have a new baby, remember to book an appointment for him or her too!

Optometry Services We Offer

The team at Shippee Family Eye Care offers a wide range of optometry services, including:

  • Eye exam and consultation
  • Fitting for glasses or contact lenses
  • Computer vision syndrome evaluation and treatment
  • Vision therapy
  • Pediatric exams
  • Diabetes evaluation (signs of diabetes can appear in the eyes at the optometrist before a general practitioner might detect them with a lab test)
  • Glaucoma management
  • LASIK and management of cataracts
  • Optical lab on premises for your convenience
  • Emergency eye care

This list of optometry services is not meant to be comprehensive. If you have an eye care need not mentioned here, we urge you to contact our optometrist to learn how we can help.

Make an Appointment for an Eye Exam at Shippee Family Eye Care

Maintaining good eye health should be a priority for every member of your family. To that end, you’ll need to come in at least once a year for an ocular health checkup. Patients should also undergo regular vision tests to determine if they need corrective lenses or an update for a glasses or contacts prescription. 

We are proud to offer service through three offices with six optometrists for patients in Lancaster, St. Johnsbury, Montpelier and the greater nearby region. To learn more about our approach to family eye care or to set an appointment, please connect with Shippee Family Eye Care today.


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